In order to stay globally competitive Canadian businesses need to change, and that change requires national collaboration.

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Think Tank & Workshops

Join the discussion, and learn how to utilize design thinking to accelerate your data-driven digital transformation.


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Has a big data initiative changed how you do business? Is improved analytics changing and opening up how you operate?

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Jumpstart your digital transformation journey with insights from those who have gone before you.

Each month the site will focus on a stage in the transformation process, including digital readiness guides, starter kits, needs assessments and other regularly updated resources for CIOs and CFOs.


Our Partner Network


Treasury Board Digital Transformation

The DXAgents partnership will be bringing Canada’s largest digital transformation accelerator across the country to select CIOs and CFOs, with benchmarks and best practices, case studies and conclusions on what it takes to drive a successful program.

Stories like the one you’re about to read, on how Philippe Johnston and his team transformed data at Treasury Board from a back office cost function to a data-lead decision analysis and support system that has changed how ministries manage and access data.


Recent Updates

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    How Can Incumbents Respond to Disruption?

    Part 1: Start by Accepting that Disruption will Happen! It is well-known that incumbents in any industry seldom feel the impact of...

  • Your Digital Transformation Journey Begins Here
    Your Digital Transformation Journey Begins Here

    We hear a lot about digital transformation these days, but the term is seldom defined. Rather, the focus tends toward the latest digital...

  • DX: Where do you start?
    DX: Where do you start?

    Getting Lost is Easy! Part 2 Digital Transformation – Mobile, Cloud, them Things, and that really Big Data We’ve all heard that the...

  • DX: How will it Impact your Organization?
    DX: How will it Impact your Organization?

    As organizations explore digital transformation (DX) and determine business value considering the buzz around Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, it…

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