Design Thinking For Data-Driven Digital Transformation

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We are witnessing an incredible convergence of new business and technical innovations that will enable us to change the way we work, live, and communicate.

However, in Canada, 63% of businesses are digital laggards. In order to stay globally competitive, this needs to change – and that change requires national collaboration.

For CIOs and CFOs, this means revolutionary ways of integrating and visualizing data, and creating cross-disciplinary partnerships –all through the reinvention of the IT function beyond back office support to front line forecasting, predictive analytics, and more.

Join us in Ottawa on April 12 to hear from some of the world’s leading digital thinkers on how design thinking can make meaningful digital transformation a part of your 2018 planning.


3:30 – 5:30 pm Driving DX using Design Thinking
CIO/CFO ThinkTankState


State of DX in Canada
Humza Teherany, President CIO Association of Canada
Michael Conway, President & CEO FEI Canada


Data-Driven Digitalization: A Strategic & Technological Framework 
Gil Gomez, Managing Director, SAP Analytics Leader at Deloitte


DX in Action: Customer Case Study
Philippe Johnston, CIO


DX Essential: Design Thinking
David Ramsay, Senior Director, Customer Engagement at SAP

  • Embracing digital disruption is just one part of the equation. Is your organization ready to act, at scale? In a time of rapid change, a flexible mindset and approach are essential to an organization’s ability to continuously innovate. Learn how this human-centered approach is a strategic enabler to deliver practical solutions in your digital transformation.


Networking Reception
There will also be an additional networking reception courtesy of SAP & The Data Effect (CityAge) at 5:30 pm


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