Philippe Johnston

It takes a certain amount of conviction, persistence and vision for an individual or organization to kick off a digital transformation initiative. Who are these Canadian technology heroes?

Philippe Johnston is the former Senior Director of Business Solutions and Application Development, for the
Treasury Board Secretariat, Government of Canada, where he was responsible for functional delivery of various Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions to many Government of Canada Departments and Agencies via TBS Channels.

Phil navigated a multi-year program to implement a Centralized Reporting Infrastructure to service 150+ source Departments and Agencies, and managed the change within complex inter-dependent organizations.

He saw the power of data to transform a department, engaged his team, built the case, and got underway. The work at Treasury Board may transform the way Canada manages government programs and budgets.

Maybe you’re transforming a unicorn startup, or a part of an FI, or a hundred year old manufacturing plant. Whatever the initiative, examples with important lessons for others will help everyone develop faster.

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Download the Treasury Board Case Study